National Gallery of Armenia – E., 1992

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Eduard Isabekian (1914) came to Yerevan after graduating from the Artistic Academy in Tiflis. To this artist of bold sentiments the historical themes comes most naturally. The romantic spirit and the dynamic expression typical of his works do not originate from the false pathos of the Soviet period, which was the case in most of his contemporaries, but is determinded by the historical destiny of his people, which was very dear to his heart. This is the reason why his historical compositions have not lost their modernity. The spectator believes in the sense of unity between man and his motherland (“David of Sasun”), in the devotion to the motherland (“Reply to Hazkert”, from the illustrations of D.Demirjian’s historical novel “Vardanank”), in the unrepressible power of the people (“The revolt of the Villagers of Haghpat”). It is not by accident that the figures he portrays are always in deep thought and contemplative mood (“The writer Aksel Bakunts”, “Portrait of the Mother”).

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