Eduard Isabekyan and his students IV. 08.11.2016

Posted on Jan 30, 2019 in Events

November 8 (eight), and the opening of the fourth exhibition of “Eduard Isabekyan and his students” , which was dedicated to the 102nd anniversary of the Master.



  1. Aslanyan Lilit ●1965
  2. Baghdasaryan Levon / Hunter ● 1920-1999
  3. Galstyan Vruyr ● 1924-1996
  4. Gyurjyan Michael ● 1928-2000
  5. Tepelikyan Paruhi ● 1925-2008
  6. Khatlamajyan Seryan ● 1937-1994
  7. Tsovyan Albert ● 1930-2008
  8. Ghevondyan Ruben ● 1942
  9. Petrosyan Arev ● 1972
  10. Pertizyan Vigen ● 1957
  11. Khocharyan Hripsime ● 1957


Each of 24(twenty four) paintings by the young and senior generations of painters were given its unique breath to the Exhibition.
By comparing Isabekyan’s pupils of different years, we see that the Master has given his students freedom of creation, which is necessary for any artist. Just about it mentioned all students.
The Exhibition was presented by Frank Gasparyan’s small pencil painting, dedicated to Isabekyan Exhibition – “Eduard Isabekyan”.
After opening and welcoming remarks, the audience wondered around the hall, shared impressions with each other and left with the intention of meeting at the Isabekyan Exhibition hall again.

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