Eduard Isabekyan and his students III. 21.05.2016

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Isabekyan Gallery participated in the “Museum Night 2016” project with already being traditionally exhibition “Eduard Isabekyan and his students III ”
This group of participant students was consisted of 12 people: 29(twenty nine) paintings.

  1. Atayan Armen ●1922                                                2
  2. Arevshatyan Arevik ● 1957
  3. Babayan Yuri ● 1941-2010
  4. Grigoryan Arman ● 1960
  5. Grigoryan Ruben ● 1954
  6. Elibekyan Henri ●1936
  7. Hovsepyan Hrant ●1919-1987
  8. Meloyan Karlen / Kako ● 1930
  9. Sharafyan Arthur ● 1972
  10.  Samvel Petrosyan ●1941-2012
  11. Siravyan Henrik ● 1928-2001
  12. Vardanyan Leo Leo ● 1971

Eduard Isabekyan’s son, rector of the Yerevan Academy of Fine Arts Aram Isabekyan opened the exhibition. “I see a wonderful collection that will satisfy any delicate appraiser”.
Aram Isabekyan’s speech was continued by Karen Aghamyan, president of the Union of Painters of Armenia. “In recent years, when students defend their diplomas, you notice, who has the influence of one of the artists. And here, where are diverse artists, the effects are different, but the amazing thing is that all of them are pupils of Isabekyan. Here is the conclusion , that he was a great lecturer that permit students make free creativity, did not force, did not dictate, did not insist, but gave them more opportunities to work, permit, that everyone will protect his autonomy. I regret, that I was not his immediate student, believe me, I have learned a lot from him and I thank him for that”.
“He did not say much : only two or three words would say, but those few words were so meaningful that would not say another lecturer within two hours ”,-said painter Karen Ghazaryan .
Toros Toranian was warmly spoken about about Isabekyan, who once reviewed Ed. Isabekyan’s “Igdir” book.
According to People’s artist of the Republic Masis Grigoryan, regret is that there is no live presence of Eduard Isabekyan today. “His name will decorate our painting today and forever”,- he said.
The head of the Exhibition Irina Isabekyan, surprised the attendees with congratulation the 94th anniversary of Armen Atayan, the oldest participant of the exhibition.
The opening ended with congratulations and applause.
The media started their work with ginger and energy.

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