Municipal authorities not concerned by poor condition of Eduard Isabekyan gallery

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The gallery dedicated to the life and works of People’s Artist of Soviet Armenia Eduard Isabekyan, which opened at the Hay-Art Cultural Center in Yerevan in 2013 is in poor condition.

Speaking to, the director of the gallery, Irina Isabekyan said the exhibition hall has been in poor condition since 2014, further deteriorating throughout years.

The director says she has expressed a desire to meet with Mayor Hayk Marutyan, but was instead received by Gosh Sargsyan, Head of the Department of Culture at the Yerevan Municipality. “He insisted that all museums are in the same condition. But I don’t think that would be the case. Our gallery has ended up in a terrible situation. Eduard Isabekyan was a patriotic person who dedicated himself to the art. He headed the National Gallery for 20 years, doing a lot for the cultural center. I didn’t expect such an attitude. I don’t know how to explain all this,” she said.

Irina Isabekyan noted they have also applied to the then Ministry of Culture (now Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports), which told them it’s for the Municipality to deal with the problem.

“But art is something that needs to be addressed at all levels. None of the state structures have promised us that it will be renovated this year. They say the whole building of Hay Art needs to be renovated. But what has it to do with the galley which is in the worst condition?” she stated.

The gallery’s head insists the roof of the building badly needs repairs, since rain leaks into the building, adding now the works of the artists have been taken to a safe place.

“Isabekyan’s son, Aram Isabekyan, has donated 28 paintings to the city. We have presented another work for the exhibition. The National Gallery has given 4 paintings by Isabekyan to the exhibition, but due to this situation their paintings have been returned. There are 29 paintings on display at the gallery now. The paintings belong to the Municipality, don’t they have to take care of them? This is simply ignorance, “she stated.

Change-org has launched a petition calling for the protection of Eduard Isabekyan’s legacy.

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