Album – Eduard Isabekyan (Martin Mikayelyan) – Yerevan, 2004

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Eduard Isabekyan

Eduard Isabekyan is an outstanding personality among Armenian artists of the second half of the XX century. He is noted for his professional skill and dignity, unpretentious simplicity of the realistic style of painting, as well as sincerity and moral purity characteristic of the values of the past. And still, conditioned by his individuality and the callosity of socio-cultural layers, his works were not valued as a pure phenomenon of art.

Nevertheless, both the society and the state have highly appreciated him, and as early as the beginning of the 1960s he was awarded the title of a Folk Artist of Armenia, unofficial title of a “national” or “historic” artist, as well as the title of an Honorary Citizen of the City of Yerevan.

  The themes reflected in the paintings of the Honoured professor of Yerevan State Academy of Art, as well as the passionate accents on the historic events have gathered a large audience, but only few spectators have paid attention to the richness of the artistic languauge thanks to which Eduard Isabekyan occupies his due place on the scene of Armenian art.

The present edition devoted to the 90th anniversary of the artist presents Eduard Isabekyan not only as a painter but also a writer. It includes his intersting and original essays about artists and writers, published in different journals and newspapers and reflecting his individual attitude towards people and the world. It also contains the thoughts of Isabekyan’s contemporaries about him.

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